Eagerly Anticipated: New Books 2015

2014 was a good year for books. 2015 could be even better. Here are a few books I’m looking forward to.

Confessions of a Carnivore by Diane Lefer

Diane Lefer
Diane Lefer

This writer/activist is not yet a household name, but she will be. Author of the superb California Transit: Stories, which won the Mary Mccarthy Prize in Short Fiction, this year she publishes a protest novel. One to watch out for.

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Buried Giant

Ever since his breakthrough novel The Remains of the Day, Ishiguro has produced quietly scintillating work. For me, The Unconsoled is his masterpiece – a musician’s Auster-ish stroll through a surreal dreamscape. Anyway, he has a new novel out, and – as we all know – he’s incapable of writing a bad book.

Love in a Time of Blood Quantum by Tanaya Winder

Tanaya Winder
Tanaya Winder

This Albuquerque-based Native American poet has been tearing up the performance poetry circuit. She’s young and wise and has a devastating way with metaphor. Her debut collection promises to be a treat.

Slade House by David Mitchell


The man described as a genius by The New York Times, no less, usually produces a novel every few years, but here, hot on the heels of his 2014 Booker-shortlisted work The Bone Clocks, comes a new novel a year later. Mitchell can do just about anything – sci-fi, historical fiction, contemporary realism, satire. Where will he take us next?




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