Review of “Damnificados” in the LA Progressive

Many thanks to award-winning author/activist Diane Lefer for her piece about Damnificados, which appeared in the LA Progressive this week. It’s an in-depth appraisal of the novel, which also examines the socio-political conditions of the poor and oppressed (the world of Damnificados).

Photo by Jay Hemphill
Photo by Jay Hemphill











Lefer asks, “How can the damnificados of the earth assert their dignity and take control of their own destinies? Where do you turn when all the forces of so-called law and order are the oppressors and assassins. How can anyone live nonviolently in a violent world which is always ready to dispossess human beings of their homes, those they love, and their lives?”

Great questions. Read the essay here.

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