Launch of “Nazaré: a novel”

We launched “Nazaré: a novel” in Light Hall, Western New Mexico University, on Oct 21, 2021 in an event billed as “Jack Crocker in conversation with JJ Amaworo Wilson.” Crocker, my great friend, is the author of the poetry collections The Last Resort and, most recently, The Algorithm of I. The latter is the inaugural publication of Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University. It’s a magnificent collection.

The launch was one of the “Prologue” events of Southwest Word Fiesta 2021, for which I serve as co-chair.

Jack and I discussed the novel and other topics, many related to the writing process, in front of an audience of around 80. As usual, the whole thing went in a blur. I can barely remember anything I said, although apparently it all made sense. I know I talked about the genesis of the novel: the Arab Spring and various revolutions throughout history. I also spoke about magical realism and how what’s considered “magical” in the West isn’t considered magical in older, non-western cultures.

Anyway, the best representation of the evening, besides the video recording that will be available soon-ish, are Bruce Bloy’s magnificent photos, plus (the first) one by my friend Tom Vaughan. A picture’s worth … ooh, at least 100 words, so I’ll shut up and let you gawp.

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