On this blog I write about books, authors, current affairs, and life as a working writer.

I’ll attempt to review one or two books a month, with a particular focus on contemporary fiction/poetry and historical/political work. I try to promote fellow writers with new books out, if I like their work, especially those from minorities.

I also read a lot of books on education. Some of my educational writing can be found on blog.reallyenglish.com.


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  1. Erik Dostal says:

    Hi JJ.

    My name is Erik. I am the founder of CA Institute of Languages in Brno, Czech Republic. We are an Eaquals accredited institute and rank among the top 130 language schools in the world. We will be hosting (together with Eaquals) the International Language Symposium in Brno, Czech Republic from June 1-3, 2017. It will also mark our 20th anniversary.

    It will be the biggest of its kind in central Europe and it would be an honor to have you.

    Already on the list of Plenary speakers:
    Stephen Krashen
    Linda Li
    Jeremy Harmer
    Hugh Dellar
    Philip Kerr
    Penny Ur
    Frank Heyworth
    Thom Kiddle
    and many more

    If you are interested in joining the party, please let me know. We are collecting papers now.

    Send us your short bio, pic and plenary topic(s). We will host the first 1000 people.

    We are working on the website and mobile apps and as soon as they are published, I will let you know.

    ****Some ideas: Your Plenaries, open discussion with questions from audience, maybe a debate on a “hot” topic (open for ideas) similar to IATEFL’s “Teacher Training is a Waste of Time”, .. etc

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Erik Dostal


  2. Lynda Taylor says:

    Greetings JJ from your erstwhile Machabeng colleagues Lynda and Graham (AKA http://www.pottedhistory.co.uk)


    1. JJ Wilson says:

      Wow! First, Alison, now you two! So happy to hear from you. I hope you’re both well.


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