“Damnificados” – new French translation reviewed in Le Monde

The French edition of Damnificados is now available. Translated by Camille Nivelle and published by Les Editions de l’Observatoire, it’s entitled Les

The novel was reviewed in Le Monde, France’s paper of record in January 2019. Some extracts from the review: “Extraordinary … Damnificados disorients the reader by invoking biblical, mythological, epic and real-life tales in a style that is immediately gripping … [T]here are so many genres to which JJ Amaworo Wilson gives new life in what reads like an homage to the outsiders of all places and periods … wonderful and magical.”

The book was also reviewed in Livres Hebdo: “JJ Amaworo Wilson writes in epic style with postmodern irony, and draws characters that are both colourful and highly symbolic. … A picaresque, off-the-wall book which, like a novel by Dickens, keeps us hoping that in spite of everything it will have a happy ending.”

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